Solar Feeders FeedBox

Your Portable Automatic Cattle Feeder Solution

The FeedBox is an option for those who don’t want to pull their portable Solar Feeder to be filled or have a stationary 2500ST. The FeedBox is designed to be filled with a bulk bag or loaded onto your flatbed and filled from a drive-under bulk feed bin. The fork channels are positioned on the bottom of the FeedBox so you don’t have to lift your front loader or forklift as high as a bulk bag (which attaches from the top).

Smart Engineering Built to Last

  • 2,500 lb feed capacity
  • 494 lbs. when empty
  • 72 inches high from ground to top
  • 44.5 inches wide (square)
  • There is no top cover so if you are not emptying it right away a tarp or inside storage is needed
  • It comes on a pallet and can be delivered separately by LTL freight or along with your Solar Feeder