Solar Feeders FeedBox

Your Portable Automatic Cattle Feeder Solution

In addition to our automatic feeders we now have available the Solar Feeders portable FeedBox that can be fork loaded onto your flatbed for hauling and filling from a drive-under bulk feed bin. Then lifted above your feeder (Solar Feeder, gravity or others) for filling. Just slide the sliding feed door plate and allow the feed to flow as slow or as fast as you want. This is an option for those who don’t want to pull their feeder to town or move it from it’s current location.

Smart Engineering Built to Last

  • 2,500 lb feed capacity
  • 494 lbs. when empty
  • 72 inches high from ground to top
  • 44.5 inches wide (square)
  • There is no top cover so if you are not emptying it right away a tarp or inside storage is needed
  • It comes on a pallet and can be delivered separately by LTL freight or along with your Solar Feeder