Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What livestock can this be used for?

A. Our feeders can be used for cows, calves, bulls, sheep and as an automatic goat feeder.

Q. Where do I find operating and troubleshooting instructions for my feeder?

A. Click on the following links to download and view the operation instructions for the feeder and timer.

Operating your Solar Feeder

The-Timer Operators Manual

Solar Feeders troubleshooting guide

Q. My feeder isn't spinning. What should I do?

A. First check to make sure the timer is operating and replace the AA batteries inside the timer if needed. There is also a fuse in the AA battery compartment so make sure it’s not blown.

If the timer is operating properly check the 12 volt battery to make sure it has a sufficient charge (max lifespan is 2-3 seasons). Even if the battery level indicator on the timer face is indicating that it’s fully charged it still may not have enough power to turn the spinner when engaged. Over 90% of “motor/spinner not working” problems are the result of a bad 12 volt battery.

If the 12 volt battery has sufficient charge open the feeder door and check the spinner plate gap to make sure it’s not choked with feed.

Lastly check for lose or broken wiring between the battery and the spinner motor.

Q. Is there a warranty on these feeders?

A. Yes there is a 1 year limited warranty. 

LIMITED WARRANTY.  Solar Feeders warrants that our feeders will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year.  In the event applicable law imposes any implied warranties, the implied warranty period is limited to ninety (90) days from the date of receipt.  Some jurisdictions do not allow such limitations on duration of an implied warranty, so the above limitation may not apply to you.


Spinner & Spinner motor, Vibrator, Timer, and Solar Panel, are all covered for replacement. Paint is covered for defects, but should be expected to flake and peal where animals and feed move. Batteries should be replaced every 3-4 years and are not covered under this warranty.

Q. How many head will the SF2500 feed?


Linear feet of trough space 32′
Capacity (up to):
   Cattle – creep (12″) 32
   Cattle – calves (12-18″) 20-30
   Cattle – finishing (22″) 20
   Cattle – cows (24″) 16
   Goats/sheep (9″-16″) 24-42

Q. How many head will the SF1000/SF1000G feed?


Linear feet of trough space 24′
Capacity (up to):
   Cattle – creep (12″) 24
   Cattle – calves (12-18″) 16-24
   Cattle – finishing (22″) 15
   Cattle – cows (24″) 12-15
   Goats/sheep (9″-16″) 18-36

Q. How do your feeders compare "cost wise" to other automatic feeders?

A. Solar Feeders have more trough space when compared to other feeders in the same size and price range. This reduces your cost per head by up to 20% when compared to other brands on the market.

Q. What if it’s not sunny for a few days?

A. The Solar Feeder will run for at least three weeks with no sunlight.

Q. What if I use different types of feed at different times of the year?

A. The Solar Feeder has an adjustable spinner plate to accommodate small grains or large pellets/cubes up to 3 1/2″ in length. Just loosen the 3/16″ Allen screw and adjust the spinner plate so that the gap is a little wider than the feed you are going to use. Hand tighten and you are all set.

Q. How many pounds of feed are dispensed per second?

A. The average is between 9-12 lbs per second but we recommend that you perform a manual test for best accuracy. To increase the flow rate move the spinner plate down to create a wider gap or move it up to decrease the flow rate.

Q. How do you keep feed from falling out during transit?

A. The unit has a feed shut off gate that you close by pushing in on the indicated handle when transporting or periods when not feeding.

Q. What is the Solar Feeder made of?

A. We use Heavy Duty 14 gauge powder coated steel for the outer walls and top and 14 gauge stainless steel for the feed hopper, upper & lower troughs.

Q. Does the Solar Feeder work with all feeds?

A. Solar Feeders have been tested on everything from DDGS to ground corn to pellets & cubes. Most pellets and easy flowing feeds work with no special assistance and the standard vibrating motor ensures smooth flow even with sticky or high moisture feeds.

Q. How can I prevent theft of my feeder?

A. Each feeder comes with a removable anti-theft trailer tongue. Removing the tongue also protects your animals from injury and provides better trough accessibility. A storage box for the tongue can be found under the troughs and is accessible from both sides of the feeder.

Q. Can this be used as an automatic goat feeder?

A. Yes, Solar Feeders can be used as an automatic goat feeder and can handle up to 42 goats.

Q. Can this be used as an automatic cow feeder?

A. Yes, Solar Feeders can be used as an automatic cow feeder and can handle up to 20 cows.

Q. Can this be used as an automatic sheep feeder?

A. Yes, Solar Feeders can be used as an automatic sheep feeder and can handle up to 42 sheep.


If you have a question not answered, here please click on the link below for a more complete product sheet or contact us.