“Our Solar Feeder is the best thing we have purchased for the farm.  It is reliable, easy to use and enough room where all cattle can munch.  Appreciate your product!”

Daniel & Kate SzafranskiSpringfield, Missouri

“The cows come on a run when the feeder goes off! It sure beats hauling bags of feed every day. Best investment we made!!”

Mike SpearsStreetman, TX

“We own two Solar Feeders and have been using them for several years. In addition to feeding cows they have become an integral part of our conditioning program for bulls. We can set the feeders for the exact amount of high energy feed and prevent overeating and potential bloat problems. Eight bulls per feeder seems to work the best and we have the flexibility to feed non-processed DDGS and corn gluten at a significant cost savings. They are very reliable and easy to operate and maintain.”

Matthew MenkeHempstead, Texas

“My cows and I love my Solar Feeder. It has really helped me to remain safe when the cows need to be fed. I can count, feed, and inspect them without distracting them. I’m no longer afraid that my 110 lb. self is going to get trampled by a 1,200 lb animal. Thank you Solar Feeders”.

Charity Hohm-WhaleyMize, Mississippi

“I started with 6 solar feeders in 2011. We run a feeder calf and a cow/calf operation in South Central Kentucky. Their efficiency and durability has saved me time and money on labor. The Solar Feeders are easy to move have been such an asset to our farms, we purchased 5 more in 2019.”

Mike & Tonya LoyColumbia, Kentucky

“I bought my Solar Feeder #2500 unit and it has been extremely helpful.  It’s well made and has giving me no problems.  As a contractor that covers all of North America and Canada, the amount of time I get to spend at the ranch is limited.  I can be away for weeks at a time.  Having the unit ensured my cattle would be fed daily.  That is important as I run a small herd, 20 or less at a time, and have no help with the cattle.”

Steve RainwaterHenryetta, Oklahoma

“Solar Feeder 2500…. Where do I start? Construction quality and design: Excellent, I have had my Solar Feeder for about 18 months and it still looks good and works great. Great service after the sale: I had a minor problem and it was handled promptly and professionally by the company. The vibrating motor works great to assure product is dispensed accurately. I am an absentee rancher that visits twice a week and I am confident my cattle are being fed 3X a day, every day!”


Mike LindHouston, Texas

“Solar feeder has improved my feed efficiency in feeding cattle and time management.  I no longer have to be at the trough at exact timing keeping cattle on a feeding schedule or measure the amount of feed to be fed.  I have had no issues with my Solar Feeder and it still looks as good as the day I bought it with no corrosion.”     

Chad HauserCaney, Kansas

“I’ve been very pleased with the feeder so far.  The fabrication details and quality are excellent.  Something I don’t see as often as I like on equipment these days.  The controller worked good, I filled the unit with screenings, programmed it and it fed cows for me all through a blizzard this last winter with no hiccups.

You guys have a good product, it saves a lot of time and we got a good marbling and flavor on the cattle we finished with it out on dry range, where it wouldn’t have been possible to grain finish otherwise.

Glad you reached out and good luck with the website and production.  These are a great idea, I thought of the same concept myself and figured I’d have to build one, but glad I bought from you instead.”

Garrett MoonProsser, Washington

“The Solar Feeder 2500 solves the multitude of problems that small, weekend, and female ranchers face on a constant basis. It was the best purchase that I have made for my business and for me personally. I would 100% recommend this product to any rancher. I used to spend the majority of my weekend just feeding and getting counts, now it’s a five minute process. The savings on my feed costs, my personal health and safety, the improved condition of my cattle, among just a few of the benefits, have paid for the unit ten-fold. Not to mention, the best customer service I have ever experienced. Greg personally calls me if I have any questions as he knows that my husband is based overseas and it is more of challenge to run a 45 head cow/calf operation as a single woman. You will not regret this investment!!”

Tish LackeyEureka, Texas